The Lakers Shine In The California Classics Riding Pippen and Swider's Coattails

The Lakers Shine In The California Classics Riding Pippen and Swider’s Coattails

The Summer League is upon us and it is the most important time for the rookies and sophomores of the NBA. The NBA always had summer league in order for the new comers to have a feel for the game. Plus many see it as an important moment for them to assert their standings in the league. Many teams come to watch the summer league in order to conclude who will be beneficial for their franchise.

This time as well, the Summer League has garnered a lot of attention. Especially when a talented draft as this has entered the league, the ceiling is high with expectations being through the roof. There are players who are making a name for themselves already in the summer league.

Lakers vs Miami

The Lakers have won two of their three matches in the summer league so far. They crushed the Miami Heat in their first game with a scoreline of 100-66. 4 of the Lakers scored in double digits. Cole Swider has been a great marksman in that game. On top of that Scotty Pippen Jr. was also proving his worth with his scoring and assists.

Not to mention Mac McClung has put up 17 points in 15 minutes of playing time. Shareef O’Neal has played the game as well but he hasn’t impacted much so far. On the Miami’s side, apart from Javonte Smart there are not many players who have created much impact in the game. They had expectations out of Nikola Jovic, but he hasn’t shown up yet.

Lakers vs Warriors

In their second matchup, the Lakers faced off against the Golden State Warriors. Although this might not be the roster who won the championship but the name of the team certainly holds value. So the Lakers went off on a rampage against the Warriors and came out on top with a score of 100-77.

The main baller who garnered the most attention was Scotty Pippen Jr. This time he shifted his role into a more playmaking style and has been efficient in getting the ball to his team at the right place and time. He put up 15 points, 8 assists and 3 steals. Not to mention he has pressured the main point guard of the Warriors.

Cole Swider came out on top with his great marksmanship as he put up 16 points by shooting just 3s in the entire match. But Warriors found a gem as well. Lester Quinones is an important player and he has shown abilities of his shooting putting up 19 points. With Warriors player development he can become an important piece for them.

However, the Lakers did lose to the Sacramento Kings recently with the level of play brought in by an especially important player which is Keegan Murray. However, there is guarantee that the rest of the matchups will be interesting to watch.

Hope for the future

As for the Lakers, Scotty Pippen Jr. can be someone they can invest on and they realize his potential. Plus his playmaking means that he can be brought in as the 6th man who can lead the charge when it comes to playmaking. Cole Swider is a lethal shooter and taking time to develop him can be a huge boost for the Lakers in terms of shooting.

Of course, Summer League is not the real NBA season and it isn’t a guarantee that their abilities will show up in the biggest stage. However, it is worth to take a risk such as this especially a team like the Lakers who have a dearth of shooters and young players in the team. Let’s see what the Lakers decide by the end of the Summer League.

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