The Invitation Trailer Is Out Now: Longing For Family Turns Into A Nightmare

You’re cordially invited….No No not to a party or a wedding but to watch a horror film trailer which Sony just released yesterday and it’s of none other than the movie “The Invitation”.

Sony posted a trailer on Twitter, with the caption,” You’re invited to a nightmare generations in the making. Save the date for @InvitationMovie exclusively in movie theaters on August 26.”

It also released a poster on Instagram with a caption that says,” Once you accept the invitation, your fate is sealed.” Here is the poster of the film.

Directed by Jessica M Thompson, who has directed many films like The End, Unstoppable, The Light of The Moon, and so on. She is also a writer and has penned down the script with Blair Butler.

The movie stars Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty, High Skinner, Sean Pertwee, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden, Jeremy Wheeler, Carol Ann Crawford, and Scott Alexander Young.

Now let’s break down what the trailer was about to get a better understanding of the movie.

The trailer starts with Evie explaining her family situation as to how it was only her mom and her. When her mom died, she is all alone & is longing for family. She takes a DNA test and finds out about her cousin named Oliver. She meets him at a restaurant and he invites her to a family wedding in England so that she can meet everyone and attend the wedding as well.

Evie meets Walter Deville a close friend of their family when she arrives at the lavish mansion in England. She starts noticing something unusual things taking place in the family and it kind of feels odd for her.

As the trailer continues we get to see the vampire and evil side of the family trapping Evie and not letting her go. She discovers the dark secrets hidden and also we get to see that the flirt Walter is forcing her to marry him.

The trailer concludes with Evie in a bridal dress killing someone. The story will bring out the evil and vampire side of her family which she has never seen before, as she tries to survive bravely in this trap set by his own cousin Oliver.

The film is produced by Emile Gladstone who was also the producer of the very famous film “The Curse of La Llorona”.

Watch the trailer, here.

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