The Habibiz NFT Collection: Everything You Should Know

In light of the recent NFT craze that swept the world just last year, we are looking forward to shedding some light on a new NFT collection that is progressively gaining both traction and trust: The Habibiz NFT Collection!

It is still a niche that you may not have heard of yet. Habibiz is an up-and-coming name in the NFT market that’s seen a steady run since its launch in December 2021.

What is The Habibiz NFT?

The Habibiz – a collection of 4900 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain – features non-fungibles tokens that entail a predominantly Emirati theme style: in clothing, accessories, background and even animation.

Inside the Habibiz ecosystem, there exists a localized token, $Oil.

The Habibiz NFT Characteristics

As per its tokenomics, $Oil can be earned passively with no staking, as each “Habibi” generates 1000 $Oil per day, with substantial bonuses for those holding mutliple Habibiz. The yielding bonuses are separately calculated for the animated Habibiz tokens.

The collection has had airdrops, weekly draws, and seems to have reached a 100% hit rate as of 14 January, setting a positive prospective on its future developments.

$3.3 Million Total Sales

The Habibiz NFTs have resulted in a steady stream of revenue even for its traders since its release, with a 77.42% trade win rate that exhibits a higher probability of investors obtaining their money’s worth. These non-fungible tokens have already generated over $3.3 million in sales revenue since its launch, bearing in mind that an 18% decrease in sales was observed by the token over the past 7 days too.

The NFT only has an average hold of nearly 5 days at present, going up from around a few hours on 27 Dec to over ten days on 18 Jan.

What’s Next for The Habibiz NFT

Preparing for when its upcoming projects receives enough traction to get whitelist spots, the Habibiz team has announced that they would be hosting an auction in place of starting a simple raffle (raffles are opted for most NFT projects’ WLs to ensure fairness) for sharing their project’s whitelists. This idea has allegedly been brought in in a bid to provide a more gamified solution for the process of getting whitelisted.

And to tackle the problem of only people with huge amounts of $Oil stacked up being more likely to win the auction for the WL, they have proclaimed the future launch of an $Oil Marketplace as well, where users will be able to purchase whitelists, NFTs and more.

With a currently floor price of 0.1490 ETH on Opensea, Habibiz stands at 2,000 plus owners with about 5,000 active wallets today.

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