The Game Called Out For Dissing Eminem In 'The Black Slim Shady'

The Game Called Out For Dissing Eminem In ‘The Black Slim Shady’

The Game has decided to continue dissing Eminem, owing to their long-standing beef with each other. He dissed the rapper in his new single, The Black Slim Shady. It is a 10-minute diss track on Eminem and is a part of The Game’s album, Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind.

This album will be available to stream from August 12. The new album includes 31 songs with 32 features. It includes Kanye West, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and many other artists. For the unversed, Eminem is actually famous for his alter ego called Slim Shady, hence the name of his diss track by The Game is ‘The Black Slim Shady’.

In the song, the rapper takes shots at Eminem by talking about his ex-wife, his career, and Dr Dre. He name-drops many other rappers as well. The song naturally took the top spot of becoming trending. However, it was not for praising The Game, it was for slamming him.

The rapper is heard narrating a story in his diss track about kidnapping Stan’s brother and riding in an Uber as he goes through Eminem’s hometown in Detroit. Another part of the song had The Game dragging Dr Dre.

The lyrics said, “Ask Dre, all I got is my word, my d**k and my MAC-10/One thing you can never have is my m****f****n’ Black, skin/ This ain’t no suit that I wore, this ain’t a mansion to hang a plaque, this ain’t no stupid award.”

The Game then goes on to mention Eminem’s Oscar-winning hit Lose Yourself. He had previously claimed that Eminem is overrated but never got a response from the rapper. But as for users on social media, they did respond and slammed The Game.

Fans Say MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’ Better Than ‘The Black Slim Shady’

Users began claiming that Machine Gun Kelly’s Rap Devil was way better than The Game’s diss track. A user wrote they were hoping that Eminem would respond to this diss track and was excited about ‘The Black Slim Shady’ but claimed that it sucked. The user further wrote how they understand he might have copied his flow to make him react more but that did not help.

Another user slammed the track and described it as “horrendous”. Yet another user said that The Game claimed he never heard Eminem’s albums; but went on to talk about his life and titled it ‘The Black Slim Shady’. The user said it is more like a tribute than a diss track.

Many others echoed that MGK’s Rap Devil was way better than this. They also slammed The Game for stealing all of Eminem’s lyrics; and how it feels like he’s more of a jealous fan.


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