“The Emotional Truth Is So Powerful..”: Ana De Armas Responds To Blonde Criticism

Netflix’s Blonde received a lot of criticism from the audience. The film was based on pop icon Marilyn Monroe and showcased an unseen story of her. Ana De Armas played the role of Marilyn in the film. Even though her acting got a lot of praise, the film failed to impress the audience. As people think the movie was not true to Marilyn’s real-life story and that the makers didn’t honor her properly.

Some fans also think that the film just profited from the story of a dead icon. But according to Ana De Armas, people haven’t interpreted the movie in the right way. In a recent interview with Variety, the Cuban actress opened up on how the film tried to explore the darker side of Monroe. She says, ” There is this photographic memory that we all have of Marilyn. So we think we know what was happening at that time.”

Ana thinks that people already have a fixed story in their minds which they already know about Marilyn. But as Blonde film has interpreted her story in a different way mixed with the story of the novel, That’s why people are having a hard time understanding it, according to her. She adds, ” The emotional truth is so powerful in the film that it’s hard to separate that it’s not a biopic.”

Blonde film is based on the best-selling novel Marilyn Monroe by Joyce Carol Oats. The book explores various aspects of the icon’s complicated life. Further, the Blonde actress revealed how she has heard people speaking about Marilyn’s story not being only sad and depressed just like makers portrayed in the film.

She explains that Blonde was never about the perfect life of Monroe. But the movie intended to explore another side of her life as well. The film didn’t portray Marilyn Monroe which is already in the minds of people rather focused more on her unseen story. She says, ” Even though it’s a fictional book and movie. It was true, what happened. You don’t end up dead at 36 years old if everything was amazing and perfect.”

Blonde is now streaming on Netflix.

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