The Dobre Twins Face Backlash After ‘Sickening’ Suicide Prank

YouTube pranks have been around for years now. Every now and then, there comes a prank video that crosses the fine limits and creates a lot of buzz in the community. This time, it was a prank by The Dobre Twins.

Recently, one such prank has been catching attention of the world for being ‘messed up’, ‘sickening’, and ‘stupid’. It was uploaded by famous YouTube channel of twin brothers called ‘The Dobre Twins’. They have more 22 million subscribers and they recently played a prank on their family in which they pretended one of them is dead.


In the video titled ‘MY TWIN BROTHER IS DEAD?!’, Lucas is reading out a fake suicide letter that Marcus had written to the family. Everyone gets tensed and starts looking for Marcus in the backyard (as the letter hints there is something important in the backyard).

After searching for a while, they come across a RIP symbol which makes all of them worried. However, at the end of the video, the transition reveals Marcus is still alive and had flown to LA to pull this prank on his family successfully. However, this has not aged well with the followers of The Dobre Twins. Comments under the video have been pretty upset with their distasteful prank and many followers said that suicide is not a joke.


“This is literally one of the most disturbing videos, you think it’s okay to joke about suicide?” one comment read, “especially to a young and impressionable audience, so gross, shame on you guys, joking about suicide will never be okay.”

The Dobre Twins video comments.

“This kind of content is so so sickening. It’s very distasteful and to say that I’m disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. Suicide isn’t something anyone should joke about let alone clip together and make a video about to ‘prank’ your young and impressionable audience.”

What do you think about the whole prank that The Dobre Twins did? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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