The Charlotte Hornets Should Keep Miles Bridges!

The Charlotte Hornets Should Keep Miles Bridges!

The Charlotte Hornets are in a fix after not signing in notable free agents this summer. They are in need of a center but they haven’t made any progress when it comes to scouring the market. Cody Zeller and Mason Plumlee are good backup options but not as a starter. But more than anything they are not making any significant efforts in trying to keep their second scoring option.

Miles Bridges’ growth over the years

Miles Bridges is currently in a precarious position with the team. His contract is expiring in the next season and he wants to stay with the franchise but any talks about a contract extension hasn’t been made as of yet.

After having a career season last year where he put up averages of 20.2 points, 7 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game, it was expected that the Hornets would be interested in developing their young core. This is a huge jump from when he was just averaging 12.7 points in the season prior.

Not only that Bridges has made improvements on his defensive approach and is likely to grow in the upcoming futures. Many even projected that Bridges would be making All-Star appearance within the next 2 seasons. His fit with LaMelo Ball is a sight to behold as it seems they have brought lob city to Charlotte. Bridges’ athleticism combined with Balls playmaking can really benefit them in the long run.

They are basically a chick yet as they are still in their young years. It is great that Ball has made the All-Star team and it seems like Bridges will follow suit. Looking at how the other duos like Jayson and Jaylen, Steph and Klay, Giannis and Middleton, have all grown to become, there is surely a future for this team as well.

The Hornets are making a mistake

But the Hornets aren’t doing that. They should be surrounding players around both Ball and Bridges in order to elevate their level of play and build team chemistry at the same time. They have till now shown their potential to grow and in fact have made the Hornets stand firm in one position for some time now.

If the Hornets are looking for a way to make that next jump then investing on Bridges and Ball is the right option for them. They might not get instant results in the next season but they can fix their roster accordingly and can become a title contender.

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