The Brooklyn Nets Are In Much Better Condition Than Anticipated!

The Brooklyn Nets Are In Much Better Condition Than Anticipated!

The NBA pre-season is only a few days away. Many teams are already done with the signings for the next season. Some teams had a lot of issues to address this off-season and while they have managed to douse a lot of the flame, they still aren’t ready to take home the championship. That team is the Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets coming in clutch!

This off-season, the Brooklyn Nets have dominated the headlines with Durant trying to leave the franchise, Kyrie Irving and the organization not being able to come to terms with the contract clauses and Steve Nash’s coaching being put to question.

However, they have resolved most of the problem and have come up with the ideal solution as well. The Nets owner Joe Tsai took matter into his hands and made it known that the organization has invested on their players and are determined to make it work with or without them. They even made it certain that they would be backing up Ben Simmons which has increased his morale.

Even players like Seth Curry are defending Simmons so that he would come with firing on all cylinders in the upcoming season. They even made trades in order to fill the gaps defensively in their roster. They have signed Royce O’Neale, Markieff Morris and TJ Warren who would be a great help in answering their defense.

Not to mention they have shooters surrounded in their roster with the likes of Seth Curry and Patty Mills. Joe Harris’ return will also add another sharpshooter to the team. Looking on paper, the Nets have a very strong offensive team, filled with shooters, slashers and playmakers. Ben Simmons will have a lot of toys to play with and he doesn’t have to worry too much about shooting.

Nets have a better roster than thought of

If you have a look, it is true that Simmons can’t shoot but he can slash to the rim and score on dunks and layups. While everyone has been criticizing his lack of shooting, his finishing around the rim is one of the best in the league. That is what the Nets will be aiming for.

With such a hyper offensive team, Nash should be able to run the show as he has done the same for the Phoenix Suns. But it is also true that Nash never won a championship with that style of play and he realizes that although they might dominate the regular season, the same will not happen in the playoffs. It is due to that reason, the Nets have signed defensive minded and two-way players this off-season.

Looking at their starting lineup, it will be Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, Joe Harris, Kevin Durant and Nicolas Claxton. KD and Irving can somewhat hold their own on the defensive end but most of the burden will fall on the rest of the squad. They have been grooming Claxton for moment like this with his versatility on the defensive end. Its true they need an anchor on the Center which they have not addressed yet. But the Nets are more than ready.

Of course, no one is sleeping on the Nets but their dysfunctionality in the past season surely have led to some of them underestimating the team. I mean they were just swept in the 1st round of the playoffs! But that is all the more reason they will be coming for all the smoke. The Nets might have some unpredictable characters within them but none of them will be backing down the next season. The Nets have a lot to prove and they might come out of the East! Look out for the Nets!

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