The Boys Season 3 Will Tease Untitled Spinoff Show With Subtle References News

The Boys Season 3 Will Tease Untitled Spinoff Show With Subtle References

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Time icon July 20, 2021

The upcoming season of The Boys will be teasing the spinoff show which is inspired by the comic book series’ G-Men. The Boys follows a group and their attempts to take down Vought International. It is based on the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The Amazon series’ approach to corporate or political corruption through a superhero genre in season 2 is what got them five Emmy nominations. Their upcoming season will include Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy who will be the newcomer. The third season is also set to adapt the comics’ raunchy ‘Herogasm’ storyline. This sees Homelander and the other Supes travel to an island resort to engage in a hedonistic weekend while the world thinks they are fighting an alien invasion.

The Boys has become so popular that it has led to Amazon fast-tracking a spinoff series that will be based on Ennis Robertson’s comic book series. It is the parody of the X-Men known as the G-Men. The showrunner, Eric Kripke discussed season 3 and the untitled G-Men series. While talking to The Wrap, Eric shared that he will be executive producing the series alongside Seth Rogen, Craig Rosenberg, and Evan Goldberg.

The showrunner claims that the third season will be laying hints for the spinoff. He said, “Because now we knowwe’ve written in a few references and we’re starting to bring it out.

And we’re looking at, because there’s like a part of ‘The Boys’ that is like the commercials from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ like sometimes we just flip to these little ads or moments, and we’re looking at maybe, if we can, getting some references to the spinoff and in some of those as well. So we’ve made subtle additions and we’re looking at it some more.”

The Boys Spinoff Series A Parody of X-Men

The spinoff will see The Boys’ concept of superhero in the real world. The comic book storyline of G-Men involves a twisted version of Charles Xavier; or Professor X who kidnaps children and takes them to his training facility in New York. The spinoff will also revolve around a Supe college run by Vought. It will be filled with the next generation of heroes who will be competing for contracts.

The Boys’ spinoff also added Shane Paul McGhie, Aimee Carrero, and Maddi Phillips. The series have also mentioned Young Americans and Teenage Kix. There haven’t been any plans regarding the spinoff to tie directly to the main series but the pilot will be written by Rosenberg.

In line with Homelander being a satirical/deranged take on Superman, versions of the X-Men; (such as a version of Wolverine) could be included despite the series not adapting the G-Men’s comic origins.

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