The Biggest Enemy During The Playoffs

The Biggest Enemy During The Playoffs

Playoffs are filled with a lot of anticipation and excitement. For the team, it is a dream to bring a championship home for their franchise. But things don’t go as planned. There is a villain in the playoffs which go beyond the control of the players and the organizations. That is injuries!

Suffering injuries can certainly change the tides in the playoffs. It is unfavorable, unwanted and most of all it breaks the anticipations in the playoffs. In this year’s playoffs we have seen multiple stars suffer injuries which have affected their chances of going all the way.

Khris Middleton’s MCL tear

The first injury which has been affecting the team is Khris Middleton’s MCL tear. MCL injuries are no joke for basketball players. It can take away your athleticism and your lateral quickness. Although Middleton doesn’t have as much explosiveness in his game but his defence is certainly going to be majorly affected.

But most of all, being the secondary scoring option in his team, the Bucks is having a tough time facing the Boston Celtics with Giannis alone. Last year, Middleton played a huge role in the offense when Giannis was sidelined with an ankle sprain in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hawks. He was the x-factor who helped the Bucks lift the championship. There is only a slim chance of him coming back into action but the Bucks should let him take his time for the sake of their future.

Kyle Lowry’s hamstring pull

The next injury is Kyle Lowry’s hamstring injury. Lowry is an important piece who was added to the Heat’s roster this season. His playmaking abilities and championship experience really made the Heat battle ready for the playoffs.

Although losing him has not yet shown as much of an impact as of yet but in the long run if he doesn’t show up, the Heat will not be able to go up against the likes of Boston Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks. Hamstring injuries do not take as much time to heal if given proper rest and the Heat are giving him as much rest as he can get to prepare him to be 100% when he hits the court again.

Joel Embiid’s orbital fracture

The last injury which has slimmed the chances of lifting the championship is the orbital fracture suffered by Joel Embiid. The MVP finalist definitely showed his strength in the playoffs so far and his hunger to lift the championship was imminent. But the injury he suffered against the Raptors really hurt his chances.

His team is now 2-0 down in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Embiid’s skillset the Heat feared to face but his absence has let them take control of the series. It will be a shame to see such a versatile big man exit the Playoffs because of an injury and the inability of his team to contribute when it is needed the most.

Coincidentally, all these injuries were suffered by the players in the Eastern Conference. As tight of a competition it is at the moment in the East, these injuries will play a huge part into which team is going to come out to play in the Finals. It will be interesting to see whether this will make or break the teams.

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