The Best Tanning Accelerator – How The Euro Tan Has Become One of The Most in Demand Products on The Market

The Euro Tan is the best product on the market if you want a gorgeous, glowing, and safe tan. 

If you have spent a summer in Australia, then you know how harsh it can be for your skin: rising temperatures, humidity, and worst of all: piercing sun rays. As a result, most people have to apply some sort of sunscreen just to protect themselves from the damaging and often deadly effects of UV lights (accelerated aging, cancer…). Now the problem is, how can you get that sexy, carrot-looking tan without permanently damaging your skin cells? Well, The Euro Tan has the solution.

The Euro Tan is an Australian company founded by Tugba Mimi, a Melbourne Based female entrepreneur. Over the past 3 years, their products (Tanning Oil, Tanning Cream, Best tanning oil, Carotene) have completely filled beach bags, due to their ability to protect your skin and give you that tan you’ve wanted, safely. With their amazing efforts to help people tan safely and effectively, The Euro Tan has quickly become one of the most in demand products on the market – with selling out as warmer weather approaches being a common occurrence. 

See, Australians, especially those with fair or pale skin tones, are at high risk of permanent skin disease. During summer, the earth’s orbit brings Australia closer to the sun, dangerously increasing UV lights’ intensity, more than other places like Europe, the USA, and even some African countries. That means if you want to bathe yourself in the sun, you’ll either get burnt, or you’d have to mix sunscreen with a tanning product that doesn’t match, so what you end up getting is a chemically incompatible lotion that looks cooked in an underground lab.

That’s a problem, and Tugba Mimi decided to solve it for good. That’s why she came up with a variety of safe products at The Euro Tan. If you look at what they offer, you’ll find a range of exceptional tanning accelerators that work alongside sunscreen to deliver a healthy-looking tan. With the active ingredient Beta-Carotene, The Euro Tan has been specially formulated to suit the strong Aussie sun rays and give you the protection you deserve. No more worrying about sunburns, scars, or scary diseases.

And if you’re in a hurry to get that summer tan, look no further than their incredible tanning gel. Because it is a water-based product that blends perfectly with sunscreen, allowing tanners to achieve greater results spending less time in the sun. Perfect for those who want to enjoy more beauty before summer ends.

All in all, if you’re planning on gaining color this summer, you need to be careful. The sun is high and shining and will damage everything on its way – even your skin. If you’re interested in protecting yourself and getting a healthy-looking tan fast, then grab some of the best tanning accelerator on the market – and follow their Instagram account to keep up with their latest products and offers.


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