The Balochistan Government will Treat Singer Waso At the Government Expense

The Balochistan government, the well-known singer Wasu’s illness, and poor financial condition announced financial assistance and medical treatment at the government’s expense. The video of well-known singer Waso’s illness and the poor financial condition went viral on social media, prompting the provincial government to decide to fund him.

In this regard, provincial government spokesman Liaqat Shahwani reached his house on the outskirts of Quetta near Sabzal Road to meet singer Waso, where he presented him flowers

Wasu Khan who rose to fame with Shehzad Roy’s songs Apne Ullo Kitne Tedhe and Beya Beya is in dire need of help as he fights financial crisis on various levels. Unable to pay the house rent or support his family, the Baloch singer also has prolonged illness.

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In a video viral on social media, Wasu is seen sharing his plight as he requests authorities to help him at least provide two meals to his family and keep a roof over his head. The video was soon taken against Shehzad Roy and many people were quick to jump to conclusions.

“Shehzad Roy’s songs got hit, now what’s he got to do with Wasu,” another wrote.

While some also defended the Zindagi singer and brought attention to the fact that it is indeed Shehzad who gave him the opportunity to claim the limelight. Wasu himself answered the questions raised over Shehzad who’s a renowned philanthropist.

“Shehzad Roy has helped me a lot. He spent two lacs rupees on my treatment at Agha Khan Hospital and is still in contact with me,” said the folk singer.

“Shehzad had bought me a house that was destroyed in the floods of 2010 and later sold it for treatment,” he further said while adding “I now live in a rented house. Shehzad has given me a house, money, but my personal income is not enough.”


Wasu is a town and Union Council of Mandi Bahauddin District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is located at 32°34’0N 73°28’60E and has an altitude of 221 metres (728 feet).



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