The Bachelorette Season 18 Finale: Michelle Reveals The Couple's Moms Are Besties

The Bachelorette Season 18 Finale: Michelle Reveals The Couple’s Moms Are Besties

After the final rose ceremony, it appears like Nayte has won Season 18 of ‘The Bachelorette,’ having completely swept Michelle off her feet. Despite their disagreements, the couple appears to be more in love than ever in the finale, as there are smiles and kisses all around.

While fans continue to support Brandon, the newly engaged couple decided that the finale would be the ideal time to clear the air about their relationship and any lingering misconceptions.

Michelle and Nayte couldn’t stop talking about how much they adored each other. Michelle clarified that the two of them have always had a deep bond as they discussed their relationship. Despite the fact that Nayte struggled to be vulnerable on the show, Michelle supported him, claiming that he was constantly under pressure with the cameras on him.

Now that he is truly vulnerable, Michelle must assess whether she is doing enough for him. Despite her mother’s dislike for Nayte, LaVonne confessed that her entire family loved him; and she even read a text he sent to Michelle that made her cry. To top it off, LaVonne’s mother revealed that she and Nayte’s mother are great friends; which had everyone, including fans, ecstatic. Furthermore, Nayte was planning to relocate to Minnesota as the pair prepares to begin their life together.

“Michelle clearly made the best choice for HERSELF. She looks even more in love now than she did during the season. #TheBachelorette” tweeted a fan. “Tuh!! Michelle letting them know I didn’t like how y’all showed my man when y’all know it wasn’t like that behind the scenes #TheBachelorette” added another. 

“They did the exact same thing for Rachel!!! The producers made everyone not like Bryan when Rachel picked him; but now they’re literally married and an actual successful couple from this franchise #TheBachelorette” agreed another. “Michelle’s mom opinion was honestly the confirmation I needed  #TheBachelorette #AfterThefinalRose” tweeted a fan.

Nayte and Michelle appear to be on their way to starting their lives together!

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