The Authentic and Incomparable Culture Of Africa By Dinat Gumerov

Nowadays, people have been so busy making money and setting up generational wealth and forget about countries and people that need help in terms of monetary or just emotional support.

A 20 years old YouTuber / Blogger Dinat Gumerov, is changing the scene of influencer marketing, he is persuading people to buy into the life and culture of different countries especially Africa.

Mr Gumerov runs a YouTube channel where he documents a vast amount of his daily life whilst, trying to influence people to do something greater than creating generational wealth. Recently Dinat Gumerov took time out to pay a long-awaited visit to East Africa.

As per the visit to East Africa, the blogger came to an understanding that life not only consists of glamourous things such that of clubbing, entertainment, parties along with many other small however deluxe things whilst some really serious problems are part of some people’s daily lifestyle, of which existence is one.

The Influencer believes in giving back to the public, as according to the glamourous life many people live nowadays, there are people who are just trying to exist as of the disastrous habitat conditions, and thinking about living or surviving is far of greater thought. He encourages investors and businesses to set up in such countries to create job opportunities for poor people, so they can provide a living for themselves and their poor families.

Dinat believes Africa is a country, in all regions was an incomparable and authentic culture, adding to the pristine beauty of the continent, encouraging people to come to pay a visit, if not at least once in a lifetime! Acquaintance with the culture of local tribal ethnic groups left a very vivid impression – nothing strikes a modern young man as much as contact with carriers of archaic culture.

You can find out more about him on his YouTube channel.