The Athlete Who Hopes To Return To The NBA After Suffering A Terrible Spinal Injury

The Athlete Who Hopes To Return To The NBA After Suffering A Terrible Spinal Injury

Following a rare spine injury last year, Aron Baynes was left unable to walk. This year, he is making an NBA return effort. He’ll take part in the Summer League in Las Vegas.

The Australian centre played for the Toronto Raptors, with whom he averaged 6.1 points and 5.2 rebounds, as well as the Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs, with whom he won the league in 2014.

The 2.08m, 35-year-old NBA veteran had a total of 522 games under his belt, but the Tokyo Games were his worst fear. At halftime of an Australian national team game, he fell while warming up.

He missed the basket before falling on the ground and getting hurt in the back and neck due to the hydro-alcoholic gel he had placed on his hands.

A Puzzling Fall

The centre quickly ran to the restroom three days later during another Australia game. The coach wanted him in the final period, but he was absent. The team’s employees went in search of him.

He was discovered next to the restroom, bleeding from two wounds on his upper arm. The doctor arrived quickly.

Baynes felt lost and was unable to stand up. There was just one thing he could recall: using the restroom. He couldn’t walk when they helped him stand up. It was all a mystery, though perhaps that tumble had something to do with it.

He was taken to a hospital in Tokyo, where COVID-19 regulations required that he be maintained in complete isolation. While his health was declining, he kept in touch with his family via video conversations.

His internal haemorrhage, which at first seemed to be a concussion, was really pushing on his spinal cord. Baynes’ left arm was immobile, and his legs were tingling. An Australian neurosurgeon has already encountered this unique situation.

A Bronze Medal For Australia

After extensive effort with physiotherapists and excruciating agony, it took Baynes 11 days to get back on his feet. In the meanwhile, the Games had ended, and Australia had won the bronze.

He obviously missed the awards presentation since he sobbed when viewing it on television. It inspired him before he began his recuperation in Brisbane, where he had flown in on a medical jet from Japan.

Baynes had to re-learn how to walk, but he made quick, encouraging progress. He had already touched a ball by January of this year.

At the time, he said to ESPN, “If you saw me now, you wouldn’t know anything occurred.

The horror now seemed to have passed. So much so that the hope of playing again in the NBA is now a reality. He will audition for several teams in the Las Vegas Summer League on Friday.

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