"That Was The Worst Slam Dunk Contest In The History Of Basketball," Rants Stephen A. Smith

“That Was The Worst Slam Dunk Contest In The History Of Basketball,” Rants Stephen A. Smith

All-Star weekend is that time of the year for which the NBA players, fans and media wait all season long. The excitement surrounding the event is similar to that of children going on a school trip. But what happens if it rains in your trip? All the anticipation goes away and you pray to God so that you can enjoy the trip. That’s how everyone felt during the Slam Dunk Contest this year.

The Slam Dunk Contest always gathered the most attention from the viewers and why wouldn’t it be. The dunks that players have put in previous slam dunk contests, always has the fans and players on the edge of their seat. Dr J’s versatile yet powerful dunks, Michael Jordan air walk from the free-throw line, Vince Carter’s reverse 360 windmill, Nate Robinson jumping over Dwight Howard, Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine’s epic showdown, such a lineup is bound to rile anybody up.

Review of the 2022 Dunk Contest

This year, from the viewpoint of players and media alike, has been the worst dunk contest in NBA history. None of the high flyers made their dunks on the first try let alone score a 50. It was such a lackluster showing that the crowd didn’t even flinch from the seat. It’s even more embarrassing considering the judges were, ‘The Human Highlight Film’ Dominique Wilkins, ‘Dr J’ Julius Erving, Isaiah Thomas, Clyde ‘the Glide’ Drexler and the ‘Admiral’ David Robinson all of whom were named to the 75 Greatest Players of All-Time list.

In an episode of ‘The Big’ Podcast Shaq said, “Do you know why I’m mad? I’m gonna tell you why I’m mad. Dr. J started. He passed to Magic. Then Magic and Bird. Then Mike took it, then Shaq took it. Shaq and Kobe took it. Kobe took it by himself. Shaq and D Wade took it. You guys, gonna miss the money if you don’t perform. You see how good the money is? People pay a lot of money to the All-Star game. If you gonna enter the contest, bring it. You have to make the first dunk. You have to.”

“That was the worst Slam Dunk Contest in the history of basketball,” said Stephen A. Smith. “It was a national atrocity, it was awful. Somebody needs to say it, so I’m going to say it. Now I’m happy that a Knick won something, we actually had a New York Knick that won something, that was Obi Toppin, okay? It was so bad that it was actually one of the rare moments where we should actually hide a trophy. We should actually hide the trophy, that’s how bad it was.”

It can be argued that there are only so many dunks that you can do but that doesn’t mean that there would be no dunks scoring 50. Even the previous year not a single athlete managed to get a 50. The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver need to address and bring some changes to the Slam Dunk Contest else the hype around it is soon going to die down.

“Ladies and gentleman you have witnessed the 2nd greatest performance in NBA history.” That’s the way Soham was introduced to the world of Basketball. He is an ardent fan of the game capturing every moment, whether it be the long and turbulent regular season or the nail-biting playoff series. His perspective as a player provides valuable insight to the game. A follower of Kobe Bryant, he brings his mamba mentality in gathering every piece of information of the NBA.

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