Tessa Thompson Reacts To Captain Marvel & Valkyrie Potential Romance Rumors

The New King Of Asgard made some interesting revelations about her character’s “Valkyrie’s” love life.

Thor: Love & Thunder was released today in USA theatres, and during the promotion interviews we got to know some really interesting information from the stars of the film. After the events of Endgame, we saw that Thor gave the noble responsibilities of a King of Asgard to Valkyrie as he is on his journey to figure out things about himself.

As a New King Of Asgard Valkyrie is burdened with duties, but other than that she also wants to find “the one” to be on her side. Valkyrie is played by Tessa Thompson who has revealed that she is bisexual and her character too is. But there is a potential romance that fans would love to see onscreen.

Fans feel that Valkyrie & Captain Marvel would be perfect together. In the MCU no love life of both the characters has been shown as they are busy saving the universe and handling their respective responsibilities as superheroes.

Captain Marvel’s character was introduced in the MCU in the year 2019. Her origin story of how she became the superhero she is today was explored in the film. Other than that her love life or sexuality was not yet revealed. Carol Danvers is set to return in the upcoming film “The Marvels” which will have characters Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), and Monica Rambeau (Photon).

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Tessa Thompson reacts to the rumors about the possibility of romance between her and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, she said ” I, you know the heart wants what it wants. I don’t.. I can’t speak yet to Valkyrie. She hasn’t had a ton of time to focus too squarely on her love life since she’s been brought with a lot of kingly duties.”

She further added that even though there are a lot of characters in the MCU but she is open to the idea of her and Carol together.

She says, ” She is single, she’s ready to mingle. And I love, both in the comics, Carol and I…Brie Larson is a good friend of mine and I love spending time with her. So, I wouldn’t be mad at it, for sure.”

It would be great to see the King of Asgard Valkyrie & The Saviour of MCU Carol Danvers in Love.

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