Taylor Swift Was Rejected For A Cameo In “Twilight: New Moon” By The Director

There is no shortage of Twilight fans out there, people loved the vampire love story, of Bella Swan & Edward Cullen. But among those fans is one famous personality as well, who is also a big fan of the Twilight films. Let’s find out who it is.

Taylor Swift is known to be the biggest fan of Twilight, as she even told her agent to ask the director if she could have a cameo or part in the second movie which was “Twilight: New Moon”. But she never got the role as she was rejected by Director Chris Weitz.

In a conversation with a podcast named “The Twilight Effect with Ashley Greene & Melanie Howe”, the director revealed that the Bad blood singer was a huge “Twi-hard”. He also said that during those times they had the same agent, so Taylor had asked the agent to convey her message to him that she would like to be in the movie because she was a Twi-hard.

Further adding to this conversation, Weitz declined the request of Taylor Swift to be in the film. The reason behind this was he didn’t want to distract the audience from the story as the blank space singer had massive stardom. He says, ” The hardest thing for me was to be like, the moment that Taylor Swift walks onto the screen, for about five minutes, nobody is going to be able to process anything.”

Now he even regrets it thinking that if he would have accepted her request Taylor and he would be just hanging out and could have been best friends. But accepting the decision that he made, he says that “sometimes you make decisions thinking this is for the best of the film.”

Taylor Swift X Where The Crawdads Sing

Taylor Swift sang “Carolina” the theme song of the film “Where the Crawdads Sing” , as she loved the book when she read it and was completely lost in it.

Taylor also revealed about how she became a part of the “Where The Crawdads Sing” film. She wrote that she was absolutely lost in the book when she read it a few years back and when she heard about the opportunity that there is a film adaptation of the book being made. She wanted to contribute from the musical side. She also revealed that Aaron Dessner is the producer of the song. Taylor wanted the song to be “haunting” & “ethereal” to match the story of Crawdads film.

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