Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Secretly get engaged in the Presence of Close Friends and Family

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Secretly get engaged in the Presence of Close Friends and Family

Singer and Songwriter Taylor Swift is engaged with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn as per the reports. Swift had already made headlines due to her love life and her relationships. There were rumors which were spread about Swift’s engagement with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The duo had kept everything a secret regarding the things related to her engagement and her relationship with Alwyn.

Now the reports have come which says that the couple has got engaged in a close-knit ceremony, with their family members and their close friends. The reports also claimed that the duo had kept everything extremely private and didn’t reveal anything or any news related to their engagement. Only a few people know the details about the couple’s wedding, and the singer didn’t even tell some of her team about the engagement. Talking about the engagement ring the award-winning singer reportedly wears the ring only during her private outings. 

As per the reports and the sources, it is also said that just like how the couple did their engagement in a very private ceremony, just like this their wedding will also be an extremely intimate affair, with only close family and friends.

The duo will not sign any magazine contracts for the coverage of the same. It is seen that the duo wants to keep everything private, if they tie a knot it will be simple and elegant- Like them. The reports have also claimed that whenever the wedding will happen it will happen.

Taylor and Joe Began Dating in 2016

Talking about Taylor and Joe’s engagement, this is not the first time that the news of the duo’s engagement has hit the news. Even earlier also during the promotions of the new show, “Conversations with Friends”, Joe was then asked about the engagement with Swift, to which he chose to give a vague answer. The duo had started dating back in 2016, and the couple had rarely spoken about their relationship much publicly or on social media platforms.     

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