Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie Talks About Her WWE Debut And Release 

Taya Valkyrie is among the most well-known female wrestlers in the world. Many people forget that the prevailing AAA Reina de Reinas Champion also briefly wrestled in WWE as Franky Monet. All through her time with the company, Valkyrie recalls hearing a lot about her being paired up with her husband, John Morrison. Let’s be honest: that was a big motivator for me to join WWE, Valkyrie admitted.

Not only am I attempting to fulfil a dream I’ve had since the start of time, but I’m also hoping to reconnect with John, as we appears to have done some of our finest work with each other in Lucha Underground & Impact Wrestling. Valkyrie went on to say that, whereas many people want to hear her trash the company, she sees her time as a minuscule proportion of her life for what it is.

She joined the firm in mid-February of last year created several appearances in NXT before even being announced in November as part of the company’s newest budget cuts. Valkyrie also disclosed that she started struggling intellectually after being released due to her surprise. She did not see the whole thing coming and that she soon began to doubt her abilities.

Valkyrie’ Impact Wrestling debut

She brought into question as to if she even wanted to wrestle again, admitting that it took her a long time to feel ready to wrestle again on the independent circuit. She stated that she spent the Christmas holidays to her family who did not accept any bookings till she was ready in mid-January. Also because I had accomplished a million and two things prior to joining WWE, it took me a long time to get my feet wet again.

Valkyrie made her Impact Wrestling debut in early April at the Multiverse of Matches event. Taya Valkyrie last competed in an MLW ring in September 2019, and she hopes to enter the new women’s featherweight division and become the first World Featherweight Champion.

She has established herself as among the best of her century, having won championship title in Mexico, Japan, and the United States. Taya, in my opinion, is all about money, according to MLW CEO Court Bauer. Taya is an international athlete and natural force. Taya’s appearance will send shivers down the spine of the division. For her fellow featherweight contenders, the road to winning the title has just gotten a lot more difficult.


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