Tati Westbrook ‘breaks her silence’, accuses Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for 2019 feud

It seems like a new dramageddon has unleashed itself upon us. The beauty community on Youtube is notorious for being problematic, with petty internet beef and calling each other out. However, this time, things seemed to have gone completely south as big names have emerged in the latest drama being unfolded. Tea was spilled and names were called. Fans all over the world are upset with revelations about their favorite influencers. The whole drama seems like a big sticky mess and viewers are confused about picking a side,

Tati Westbrook, popular Beauty YouTuber, has broken her silence on last year’s public feud with fellow Youtuber, James Charles. However this time, she has opened up about her experiences with YouTube stars Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. In a 40 minute long video titled, ‘Breaking my silence’, an emotional Tati reveals how the duo “used, coerced, and manipulated” her into uploading her “Bye, Sister” video last year.

What was the ‘Bye Sister’ drama about?

YouTube’s beauty community was shaken on May 19th 2019 when Tati Westbrook dropped a 43-minute video exposing James Charles. The video titled ‘Bye Sister’ alleged that Charles disrespected her after she had mentored him. She claimed that he “tricked” straight men into thinking they were gay. The lengthy video dives into why Tati felt unappreciated by James. From his hesitation to promote her brand to his reluctance to collaborate with her. She publicly severed ties with him. “It’s painful to lose someone you care about, that you thought would be in your life forever, but the chapter’s closed.” Charles lost over 3 million subscribers in the fallout.


Now, Westbrook says she made the video after being “gaslit” by Star and Dawson. Tati revealed that she met up with Charles privately, months ago, and sincerely apologized for whatever happened. They both forgave each other. ‘Since that night, James Charles has repeatedly said that he wanted to be beside me for this video. But I felt that it was important that I do it alone, because he deserves my first apology. I am really sorry James. I’ve said that privately, but I want you to hear it publicly. I’m sorry.’

Spilling tea and calling names

Tati started growing frustrated with what she perceived as ‘a progressing sense of entitlement’ with Charles. However, nothing really happened until she met Shane Dawson. She hoped that he would help tell her personal story one day, in his YouTube “documentary” series. It is at this point that Tati tearfully confesses that she was a sexual assault victim. She had also shared this information with Dawson. “He pledged his unending friendship and loyalty to me in this life and in the next one.” Westbrook revealed.

Tati goes on to explain that she was manipulated into starting the fight because of the “heinous lies that were fed to me” by Dawson and Star. She states that Dawson described Charles as “a monster with many victims.” Star too, regularly made accusations of sexual harassment against James. Westbrook said the pair claimed they had evidence to back these accusations. The duo was planning on interviewing Charles’ victims in their docu-series that aired on YouTube late last year. She believed them because she couldn’t understand why they would lie about such horrific allegations. Tati admitted that by this point, she was beyond Gaslit.

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“And I would be the fool who fell for it” 

Charles accepted a sponsorship with SugarBearHair, a vitamin-supplement competitor to her own Halo Beauty brand. Feeling betrayed, hurt and scared, she posted her “Bye, Sister” video. Rest was history. The last time she spoke to Dawson or Star on the phone after that, was the night before Star posted his video. Jeffree posted a video titled,“Never Doing This Again” video responding to Tati’s video. “Shortly after, the relationship dissolved entirely, and I was so confused,” Westbrook says. “I bought into the conspiracy theory that what happened was all a social experiment. And I would be the fool who fell for it.” 

Tati revealed that according to her the duo was “bitterly jealous of James Charles’s success.” She realized that they had lied to her, and accused the pair of manipulating her in order to ruin Charles’ career. All this happened very conveniently just as their docu-series aired and the Conspiracy Collaboration dropped. Tati has also claimed that Star is “allegedly a co-owner of Morphe.” The company is supposedly about to launch its own vitamin-supplement brand, just like Tati.

Apology to Jackie Aina

Westbrook also took out the time to publicly apologize to fellow beauty influencer Jackie Aina. Jackie had publicly cut ties with Star because of his racist past.

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“Jackie, the moment that Jeffree went off on you, the day before my video collaboration went live, I should have run for the hills.” She said. “I was naïve, I was excited about the video. I got it twisted that you had provoked Jeffree. Because you were angry that I filmed with someone that had a history of being labeled by others as a racist.”

Why Westbrook is worried

Westbrook says she believes Charles was not their only intended target. “I believe there are many people who have unclean hands in all of this.” She also worries about Star’s response to her coming forward. “I don’t think he will hold back. We need to forgive the people that he is holding hostage with veiled threats of exposure.” Tati warns the viewers not to participate in Cancel Culture. “Prepare to not cancel everyone and give them a chance.” 

Westbrook ends the video stating that she is working with her lawyers to uncover evidence of Dawson and Star’s involvement in the feud. As well as the damage they caused. She revealed that she is within her statute of limitations to file a civil action lawsuit. This is to seek recovery for damages against them and anyone else who may have been involved. “Be careful of your allegiance. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the truth.”

How the drama affected Tati

Tati was quite emotional when she revealed how much the drama had affected her. “Every time this scandal is revisited either in the mainstream media or through social platforms. I become the number-one target of relentless hate. While remaining voiceless.” She was scared for over a year and didn’t find the strength to voice her thoughts for a long time. 

“As a result the damage to my health, relationships, reputation, business and general well being has been enormous. This platform that I love, this platform that saved my life and changed my life, has become toxic, and what it needs now more than ever are peacemakers.’

The Youtuber even put off fertility treatment due to stress, revealing that she had become a shell of her former self.

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