TASM Writer Reacts To Garfield's Spider-Man Finally Getting Praise

TASM Writer Reacts To Garfield’s Spider-Man Finally Getting Praise

Following Andrew Garfield’s return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, screenwriter James Vanderbilt reacts to recent plaudits for the actor’s Spider-Man. Garfield returned to the role seven years after his last appearance, with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland, two other Spider-Men from the big screen. In the Amazing Spider-Man duology, Vanderbilt wrote for Garfield’s portrayal of the character.

Following Sam Raimi’s interpretation of the Marvel Comics hero, Sony decided to revive the franchise with a more grounded, realism-oriented approach. The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were the results, and they followed a younger Peter Parker in a murkier world where the villains operate in the shadows and have deep ties to Peter’s background, a far cry from Raimi’s more colourful, sensationalised world.

Despite a promising start with The Amazing Spider-Man 2; unfavourable responses to the sequel’s loftier aims and some storey choices opened the way for an MCU relaunch; with Holland playing the web-slinger. Despite this, Garfield’s performance was remembered favourably; and the return of Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home was received with anticipation.

Vanderbilt reminisced on his experience writing The Amazing Spider-Man; as well as Holland’s current portrayal of the character; in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant about his work on Scream. Vanderbilt praised Holland’s portrayal, saying he loved seeing how the character was treated in the MCU. The actor’s casting was the best decision behind The Amazing Spider-Man movie, according to Vanderbilt; who added that it was special to see the actor win recognition and plaudits for his current work. See Vanderbilt’s whole answer below:

Vanderbilt Says Casting Andrew Was The Best Thing Ever

“So weirdly, I’d written Spider-Man for Tobey and for Andrew [Garfield], and I love what Tom [Holland] has done with it and what they’ve done within the MCU. So it was just so fun to see that. I always said the best thing we ever did was cast Andrew because I just think he’s such a phenomenal actor, and so to see him getting the love right now and the accolades is just really special.”

Garfield claimed that producer Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal; and director Jon Watts’ presentation was irrefutable when he was asked to return to the role. In a recent interview, the actor stated that he was drawn to the more seasoned; and defeated hero’s interactions with his fellow Spider-Men. Garfield also recently opened up about working with Maguire and Holland, stating that having the chance to play the “middle brother” of Spider-movie Man’s live-action versions made him emotional.

With Vanderbilt praising Garfield’s performance in both The Amazing Spider-Man duology and No Way Home; it’s evident that Garfield’s Parker holds a particular place in the affections of both fans and crew members. Even when his return was just rumours and leaks that Garfield loved refuting; fans were looking forward to seeing his Spider-Man one last time after his own series was cancelled. Many fans and others who worked with Garfield on The Amazing Spider-Man are hoping that his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home will be the first of many comebacks for the actor.

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