Tana Mongeau Responds To Viral TikToker Accusing Her Of Bullying

YouTuber Tana Mongeau is one of the most popular internet celebrities on the planet. Having millions of followers and fans, she is of course, not free from controversies.

Tana Mongeau is usually in the news for controversies. She recently hinted that she would get involved in the influencer boxing trend after getting crazy offers from promoters. The YouTuber also received a lot of backlash when she broke up yet again with her boyfriend.

The Background

But now, all hell has broken loose when a TikToker who goes by the name of Nathan Boone accused her of threatening him.

Tana Mongeau, as much as she accepts being a scandalous person, is not happy with this accusation. She took to TikTok to officially respond to the ongoing controversy that erupted after Nathan Boone shared ‘photoshopped’ chat screenshots with Tana Mongeau on his Instagram stories.

In the chat screenshots that Nathan shared which are allegedly with Tana, she is seen telling him to “stop posting that weird sh*t on my pictures” or else “you’ll be hearing from my legal team if you don’t delete that TikTok.”

What Did Tana Mongeau Say?

In her response video, this is what Tana Mongeau said:

“Y’all could cancel me for anything. I don’t care, I will have any scandal, I don’t give a f**k what it is, I’m well aware I’m a scandalous person. But one thing, over my dead body, that you will never cancel my friends and I for is being rude to someone”

“I would rather have a scandal for eating my own sh*t than this scandal that this motherf**ker is trying to make me have.”

After the viral TikToker admitted that she was just trolling her, Tana also said “trolling would insinuate there’s a joke.”

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