Tana Mongeau Receives Backlash After Breaking Up With Boyfriend Again News

Tana Mongeau Receives Backlash After Breaking Up With Boyfriend Again

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Time icon September 6, 2021

Tana Mongeau has revealed that she has broken up with her boyfriend, Chris Miles, again. The rapper was the first person she dated after her fake wedding with Jake Paul. But people are now calling out the influencer for her toxic relationships and for not handling situations maturely.

When Tana took to her social media to announce her relationship status, people were quick to criticize her and called her out for being in a toxic relationship. On the same day, the influencer had posted stories of her partying with her friends and kissing another woman.

Tana captioned the video saying, “Who needs men”. Chris also took to his social media and posted a story of his relationship status. However, he went on to post a screenshot of his video call with Tana and captioned it, “Still cute tho”.

The influencer had also put out a tweet as she tweeted about her heartbreak. She wrote that she deserves happiness and how it’s always shocking to see someone she loves to be someone she never knew. Her ex-boyfriend did post a story for her on Instagram calling her cute but it seems unlikely that they will get back together.

They had announced they were going their separate ways on July 12 as well. However, a day later, Tana posted a picture of them in bed together on Twitter. Many people called out Tana a “clout chaser” at the time. The influencer had taken to social media as she expressed the difficulties she faced after being in a long-distance relationship.

Tana had tweeted that Chris is not picking up her calls as she wrote, “Chris is ignoring me I think”. The influencer further went on a rant and she expressed that the rapper was being rude to her. However, there are also users who enjoy her dramatic storytime videos and Cancelled podcast. But people do think now she should step away from social media and keep the details of her life private.

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