Tana Mongeau-Monty Lopez Feud Explained After Leaks

Tana Mongeau-Monty Lopez Feud Explained After Leaks

Another new controversy on TikTok is coming about as Tana Mongeau and Addison Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez are fighting online. Monty shared a video on TikTok and Tana decided to comment on it.

But looks like the comment did not go down well with Lopez and he made derogatory comments toward the Youtuber. She was told to go take a bath as well as questioned about her “body count”.

Tana then went ahead to post a couple of videos on TikTok as she shared her opinion on these heated comments. She said, “If you (Monty Lopez) want war, so be it.” The video Tana commented on was where Lopez was asking for a boxing match.

He was flexing his muscles as he asked for a match with @younggravy. Tana commented saying she is calling the police to which Lopez asked if it was about her “body count”. He did not stop there and told her to “Go take a bath”.

Tana talked about this in the video that she uploaded on TikTok and captioned it writing, “@Monty please allow me to collect the receipts and follow up. Disgusting.” The influencer revealed that her comment was meant for “all fun and games” but it was very embarrassing to see the video.

She further shared, “I commented on this and he said ‘go take a bath.’ I did take a bath today, but that’s beside the point. And I’ve held back during this scandal.” The Youtuber also claimed that she was dragged into the controversy about Lopez because of something she said in the past.

“You think all of my young friends are tired of him acting like this.”

The influencer added that Monty clearly wants beef and questioned why a “grown man, a father” is even talking about her body count. She said, “But you’ve all seen the paparazzi video of him stalking down for a selfie.” Tana further shared some screenshots of text messages which seemingly were from Lopez or about him.

The influencer added, “And I’m tired of insisted facetime requests like these. You think all of my young friends are tired of him acting like this.” Tana described it as weird because she is arguing with someone as old as Lopez.

She revealed that she has seen him put many things up his nose at several events. The Youtuber also claimed to recall events where she had to back him off of her friends because they were scared. However, she went on to say this would make great podcast content for Jeff and her.

In conclusion, she said how he should stop embarrassing his daughter and wife and called him a “narcissistic a**.” Tana had previously claimed that she saw Addison’s dad do a good amount of cocaine.

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