Tana Mongeau Avoids Talking About Bryce Hall’s Sexuality But Reveals His One Habit When He Is Drunk News

Tana Mongeau Avoids Talking About Bryce Hall’s Sexuality But Reveals His One Habit When He Is Drunk

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Time icon August 11, 2021

Tana Mongeau recently posted a video on TikTok kissing singer Demi Lovato which took the fans by storm! The video went viral in no time and Tana Mongeau’s name flashed on every news outlet on the internet!

Now, Tana Mongeau took some time on her podcast ‘CANCELLED’ to talk about her friend Ari Aguirre’s kiss with TikToker Bryce Hall.

The kiss that Tana Mongeau was talking about on the podcast happened in Los Angeles few weeks ago and was captured by paparazzi at the venue.

Bryce And Ari’s Kiss

Bryce Hall even talked about the kiss in a video on his YouTube channel.

However, during the entire discussion Tana avoided talking about Bryce Hall’s sexuality and said she would not like to ‘speculate’ on that.

In a previous episode of her podcast, Tana talked about how Brooke Schofield is attracted to Bryce Hall and this time Brooke jumps in and says “two minutes later my gay best friend is kissing him on the streets of LA.”

Bryce Hall’s Drunk Habit

Tana Mongeau went on to reveal that Bryce Hall “kisses everyone when he’s drunk” and this habit of Bryce did not surprise Tana when he kissed her friend Ari. She said that Bryce Hall was the first person to start the kiss. Tana Mongeau said that Bryce told Ari to ‘kiss me’.

“You know Ari was going back for more”, she added.

Tana Ships Bryce And Ari

Tana says the world will never know about what went down that day. When asked “Bryce would lie and Ari would lie” so its all fun and jokes. She highlighted that she doesn’t know the sexuality of Bryce Hall.

However, she did say that she “honestly in a very strange way ships it” and she “would love” to see them together.

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