Tammy Sytch

Tammy Sytch Will Be Going Back To Prison Again

Tammy Sytch was arrested after her bond was revoked. As previously reported, a judge rescinded Sytch’s bond in connection with a March 25 accident in which he rear-ended another car at a stoplight. She was instantly apprehended.

This comes just a week after Tammy Sytch was arrested for the March incident, which resulted in the death of the rear-ended car’s driver, a 75-year-old man, and Sytch suffering concussions.

Sytch was accused with eight DUI-related offences, including DUI manslaughter and driving while suspended. She faces a prison sentence of 4 to 30 years or more. The family of the deceased has sued Sytch and her boyfriend James Pente, who police claim is the owner of the vehicle Sytch was driving, but Sytch has claimed otherwise. The civil trial has yet to be scheduled. Since the event, Sytch has tried to defend both Pente and herself on social media, claiming the death was caused by a cardiac arrest rather than an accident.

Tammy Sytch has been arrested over 15 times since 2012 (not including this most recent arrest), with many of the arrests being for DUIs. Her recent arrest and reaction have prompted former WWE head trainer Bill DeMott and AEW’s Mark Henry to demand that Sytch be excluded from the WWE Hall of Fame, in which she was inducted in 2011. Sytch has since responded to DeMott on social media, referring to DeMott’s tumultuous history working at the WWE Performance Center.

Mark Henry & Bully Ray

WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry & Bully Ray have called for SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to regularly wrestle male Superstars.

Following Flair’s recent clashes with Drew Gulak on SmackDown, the wrestling big names formed an opinion. Henry has indeed been vocal about his desire to see Charlotte beat up men since Flair placed Gulak in the Figure Eight submission hold.

She has the possibility to surpass Ric if she is permitted to wrestle men and also have a run conducting so before returning to women’s wrestling and becoming the ultimate heel, as though, I left y’all cuz y’all just underneath me, Henry stated it can be, you know, some other 10 years of her supremacy that can make people only think Charlotte when they hear the name Flair.

Bully Ray felt last week that WWE should not stop at Charlotte taping out just Gulak. But should make more men feel The Queen’s wrath.

Bully remarked, I love the fact that she did the figure eight on a man last night. Charlotte should wrestle men, in my opinion. In fact, moving forward in this contest, you know, put that number eight on 2 more guys, 3 more guys, and have guys tap out left and right.


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