Taeyang Shares Funny Story of How He Accidentally Invited the Wrong Jimin to Dinner

Taeyang and Jimin released their brand-new song, VIBE, globally on Spotify on January 13. The same day, Spotify posted an interview with the lead singer on This is TAEYANG. He told a hilarious tale of how he accidentally contacted the wrong Jimin for a collaboration during the interview.

Fans couldn’t stop praising the two idols for their captivating vocals, dance moves, choreography, and stunning visuals as soon as VIBE was released. On the Spotify counter, the song had 4,858,696 streams at launch.

Fans found Taeyang’s account of meeting and dining with the incorrect Jimin to be too funny, and one tweeted:

“Taeyang accidentally saw another person over dinner because he added the wrong Jimin to their group chat IM SCREAMING.” [sic]

The idol gave a detailed account of everything that happened in an interview with Spotify, including how he managed to get in touch with BTS member Jimin following the gaffe. The idol started off by apologising for calling the wrong Jimin and asking if he wanted to collaborate.

The two then decided to meet up at a restaurant to discuss their song after the incorrect Jimin’s response that he would love to work with him. But it wasn’t the Jimin Taeyang had anticipated, which surprised him.

He then realised that he had actually invited a different Jimin to dinner as the idol went on to say that it was an artist by the same name. Now that everything had gone wrong, he reflected to himself that there was little he could do to fix it. The idol nevertheless enjoyed his dinner and conversation with the wrong Jimin.

After all of this confusion, the idol eventually got in touch with Jimin of the BTS and requested a meal. Jimin gave his approval, and the two got to work creating and producing the music. The song immediately reached the top of several charts after release.


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