Taehyung’s Airport Fashion Sends the Internet Into a Frenzy, Trends #1 Worldwide

BTS’s V, also known as Taehyung, is a global superstar who has a massive fan following across the globe. While he’s known for his angelic voice, breathtaking performances, and charming personality, his fashion sense has also caught the attention of many.

Recently, Taehyung made headlines for his airport fashion, where he was seen dressed in head-to-toe CELINE. The idol’s stunning airport look has become the talk of the town and is trending worldwide on social media.

Head-to-Toe CELINE

BTS’s V is known for his impeccable style, and his recent airport look has sent the internet into a frenzy. The idol was spotted at Incheon International Airport on May 15, 2023, dressed head-to-toe in CELINE. He wore a black Classic Jacket, a white t-shirt, Wesley Jeans in Zuma Wash Denim, white sneakers, and a Triomphe handbag that was customized with his name. V completed his look with an understated gold necklace.

V’s airport style has always been praised by fans and fashion critics alike. He has a knack for mixing and matching high-end brands with more affordable pieces, and he always looks effortlessly stylish. In this particular look, V combined classic pieces with a modern twist, creating a look that is both timeless and on-trend.

V’s Customized Bag

While Taehyung’s airport look was undoubtedly stylish, it was the customized Triomphe handbag by CELINE that caught the attention of fans worldwide.

One of the most talked-about pieces from V’s airport look was his customized Triomphe handbag. The bag originally had the CELINE logo, but V had it customized with his name in white lettering. The bag is now a hot commodity, and fans are scrambling to get their hands on one.

Taehyung To Attend A CELINE Event In Paris?

On May 15 (KST), V departed for Paris, France to attend a schedule for the designer brand CELINE, of which he is the global brand ambassador. As soon as he arrived at the airport, he caught everyone’s eyes with his stunning appearance and charisma. He wore a black classic jacket by CELINE over a plain white t-shirt, paired with Wesley jeans in Zuma wash denim by the same brand. He completed his look with white CELINE sneakers, a gold necklace, and a Triomphe handbag by CELINE that had his name “Taehyung” customized on it.

The idol looked like a walking advertisement for CELINE, showcasing his elegance and sophistication. He also showed his friendly and playful personality as he waved and smiled at the fans and reporters who were waiting for him. He even posed with his bag and made cute expressions, making everyone fall in love with him even more.

Fans and netizens were amazed by V’s airport fashion and praised him for his flawless visuals and sense of style. They also commented on how much CELINE values him as their brand ambassador, as they gave him a personalized bag.

They expressed their excitement to see what V will wear at the CELINE event in Paris and how he will represent the brand on a global stage.

V’s airport fashion was so impressive that it became a hot topic online and made him trend #1 worldwide on Twitter. Many media outlets also covered his departure and highlighted his outfit and bag. Taehyung proved once again that he is a fashion trendsetter and a global superstar who can make anything look good.

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