Taehyung of BTS Now Owns the Top 2 Most-Streamed Korean OSTs in Spotify History

Before the release of his debut solo album, BTS member Kim Taehyung, aka V, adds another another record to his long and impressive list of accomplishments.

The OST for the 2021 K-drama series “Our Beloved Summer,” “Christmas Tree,” by Taehyung, has surpassed “Stay With Me” to rank as the second-most played Korean OST on Spotify.

As a result, Taehyung currently owns both of Spotify’s two most-streamed Korean OSTs. Two years ago, “Sweet Night,” his second OST, surpassed all other Korean OSTs on the service in terms of stream volume.

Fans, critics, and followers of K-drama have praised Taehyung for his soulful singing on the soundtracks of these shows.

Because of the many records he has broken with his songs, V has earned the moniker “OST King.” His significant accomplishments include:

Christmas Tree” became the first Korean OST to enter Billboard’s HOT 100 chart.

Christmas Tree” was the first Korean solo song to debut #1 on Billboard’s US Digital Song Sales chart. 

Sweet Night” is the most-streamed Korean OST in Spotify history. 

Taehyung held the record of “most streamed Korean OST” for three consecutive years.

High expectations surround Taehyung’s debut album, and in the near future, he is anticipated to continue breaking records and solidly cement his status as a prominent solo artist in the music business.

BTS’s V is about to treat fans with the release of his newest programme, Seo Jin’s, in just a few days. The programme, a spin-off of the well-liked reality series Youn’s Kitchen, will highlight a brand-new eatery managed by Lee Seo Jin. Along with V, Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Joon, members of the Wooga Squad, were also revealed.

Netizens have been swamped with show-related content over the past several weeks, including posters, teasers, and images of the cast from the schedule. While the previews have thrilled fans, the most recent trailer—a V-focused clip—was the topic of much discussion online. V appears to be working in the kitchen in the teaser and is really lovely in his outfit. My desire is to be a chef, but my reality is a kitchen assistant, the idol says in an amusing way. “Taehyung-ah,” the rest of the cast yells.

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