Taehyung of BTS Makes Early Return To Korea For Jin

Taehyung is the kind of friend that everyone deserves, and he continues to prove this with his caring and loving gestures. In the most recent news, the singer returned to his home country Korea earlier than planned so that he doesn’t miss his friend and group member Kim Seokjin, aka JIN of BTS’ departure for his military duty.

BigHit recently officially confirmed that JIN will be starting his military duties on December 13. The company had previously confirmed that all BTS members will be completing their compulsory military service, starting with the oldest member Jin. Seokjin, who turned 30 on December 4, took to weverse to share his new military look yesterday. Fans were both emotional and proud.

Taehyung had mysteriously left South Korea a few days ago, without anyone being aware of it. Later, he was spotted in Mexico by a fan. And after that, it was reported in K-media that he has been confirmed to be shooting a reality TV show in the country.

Korean media has reported that V revealed that he cut his filming short in Mexico so that he could return to Korea in time for Jin.

Fans and media alike are highlighting and praising Taehyung’s loyalty to his friend. The singer is also gaining attention for his interesting and unique “Teddy Bear” look at the airport.

Jin will be leaving for the military tomorrow. Before going, however, he released a single as a gift for fans titled, “The Astronaut” which also marked his official solo debut. In addition to Jin, members j-hope and RM have also made their debuts as solo artists. It was confirmed by BigHit that all BTS members will be making their solo debuts before they enlist in the military. It was also revealed that the group hopes to reunite and make a comeback in 2025.

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