Taehyung of BTS Has The Perfect E-Line According To A Famous Japanese Plastic Surgeon

Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name BTS’s V, has frequently demonstrated his status as K-pop’s visual ambassador.

According to a recent study published in the Japanese journal Shueisha on January 3, 2023, BTS’s V has one of the most attractive faces with an ideal E-line and facial symmetry. Dr. Motokuni Kida, a renowned Japanese plastic surgeon, shared his insights and knowledge in the article titled “The Top 5 Faces You Want to be in 2022.”

One of Japan’s most well-known and respected plastic surgeons, Dr. Motokuni Kida is the head of the BIANCA CLINIC. V has the ideal E-line face, the plastic surgeon says, adding:

“V is the owner of a perfect E-line. He has a clear faceline and a strong chin. He has an attractive face that is both soft and masculine.”

Even in the past, a Brazilian plastic surgeon was said to have adored BTS’ V.

V’s 40 Million Worth Face

Dr. Motokuni Kida, a plastic surgeon, claims that getting a face like Kim Tae-hyung will cost more than 40 million won when detailing the features of the BTS V’s face. The idol’s flawless face has side angles that would need extensive surgery to correct. The males can only resemble him in shape after several operations.

It is vital to comprehend what E-line is in general terms and the specific type of E-line that V possesses in order to comprehend why E-line is one of BTS’ V’s greatest attributes.

In a larger sense, the E-line is used to gauge how a person’s side profile links to their other facial features. It is a fictitious line that joins the chin, lips, and nose. The optimal angle is between the upper lip and the tip of the nose, and it should be between 90 and 105 degrees.

In the previous five years, Kim Taehyung has also come in first place on several polls of the World’s Most Handsome Face. The outcomes were chosen based on public surveys, voting, and critic reviews.

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