Taehyung of BTS Crowned The #1 Most Searched K-Pop Idol On Google In 2022

Kim Taehyung, more commonly known as V of BTS, is one of the most famous entertainment industry personalities in the world at the moment. The K-Pop star made his Instagram debut at the end of last year, and already became the most popular K-Pop artist on the platform. Averaging 10 million likes on every post, he was the #1 most-followed K-Pop idol on the platform, gaining over 20 million followers.

Recent google data shows that the “Winter Bear” singer was also the most-searched K-Pop personality on the world’s biggest online search engine. Three BTS members – V (#1), Jungkook (#2), and Jimin (#3) – secured the first three spots on the list. Lisa of BLACKPINK emerged as the fourth most-search idol overall and the most-searched female idol.

In another similar news, Taehyung was also the most-searched K-Pop idol on Naver, which is South Korea’s primary search platform. Christmas Tree, a song V released in December of last year, was the most-streamed OST of 2022. Taehyung also emerged as the third most streamed male Korean soloist without any new releases this year.

Fans React:

Taehyung dominating naver searches and google lets not mention he’s topping other platforms too I’m not being biased here but no one on his level wow”

“naver, google, instagram, kcharts and more… the way taehyung dominates all platforms is so hot”

“Kim Taehyung topped both naver and Google ww searches without a single release this year, almost no activities, Most popular idol in korea as well as worldwide.”

taehyung topping both naver and google searches jsksjsns cmon WORLDWIDE IT BOY”

Taehyung is currently in Mexico, reportedly shooting for a reality show. He also recently travelled to Paris for a secret project. The K-Pop star is expected to make his official solo debut early next year.

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