Taehyung & Jungkook of BTS Confirmed To Have Received Their Friendship Tattoos Together

After BTS’ M Countdown pre-recording in 2022, V made known his desire to acquire a friendship tattoo with Jung Kook. He admitted that he didn’t know where to get a friendship tattoo with Jung Kook at the moment, but that he would get one as soon as he made a decision.

The left butt cheek, neck, inside of his thigh, and even the belly button were among the humorous responses he received from fans when he asked for their advice on where he should get a tattoo.

The “Christmas Tree” singer briefly considered getting a tattoo on his ribcage when a fan recommended it. He then backtracked, saying that getting a tattoo on one’s ribs would be extremely painful and that if he merely got the number “7” inked, he could be pressured to get more added to it.

A few years ago, V became the first member to ask fans to be on the lookout for a prospective friendship tattoo with other BTS members.

For those who are unaware, BTS members received friendship tattoos in honour of their 9th anniversary as a group. Leader RM was the first to show off his ankle tattoo, which symbolises friendship.

It was then discovered that J-hope had a tattoo on his knee, Jin had the number “7” inked on his waist, Jimin had ink on his finger, Jung Kook had a tattoo of his friendship behind his ear, and V had a tattoo on his thigh. The ARMYs do not yet know where SUGA has a tattoo.

BTS Tattoo Artist Reveals Interesting Detail:

Tattoo artist Poly C for BTS announced on January 3 that members V and Jung Kook had their friendship tattoos done together. He revealed some close-up images of the tattoo that member V had on his leg.

Additionally, Poly C corrected the persistent misunderstanding regarding the absence of images of V’s tattoos from the studio. The tattoo artist for BTS said on his own Instagram that he neglected to publish V’s tattoo because he was so swamped with messages after uploading Jung Kook’s tattoo.

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