Taehyung (#1) & Jungkook (#2) of BTS Were The Most-Followed K-Pop Idols On Instagram In February 2023

In the world of K-Pop, social media presence is crucial, and BTS has been leading the pack since they debuted on Instagram in December 2021. However, it seems like the popularity of two members of BTS, Taehyung and Jungkook, has soared to new heights on the platform, making them the most-followed K-Pop idols on Instagram in February 2023.

According to K-Pop Radar, Taehyung was the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram in February 2023, with a staggering 2,271,128 new followers gained during the month. This achievement is impressive, but not entirely surprising, given that Taehyung has been breaking records on Instagram since his solo debut. He currently holds the title of the most-liked Instagram post by a K-Pop idol and is the only person on Instagram to have all of his posts surpass at least 10 million likes. His good looks and charming personality have captivated fans worldwide, and his Instagram is a treasure trove of mesmerizing visuals that fans can’t get enough of.

Following Taehyung closely is Jungkook, who gained 1,851,523 new followers in February 2023. However, fans were left heartbroken when Jungkook recently deleted his Instagram account, citing that he didn’t use it as much as he thought he would. This decision was a blow to fans who have been following his Instagram for updates on his life and BTS activities. Nonetheless, the news of his upcoming solo album has given fans something to look forward to.

Both Taehyung and Jungkook will be releasing their first solo albums this year, which has caused a stir in the K-Pop community. Fans are eagerly anticipating what these two talented artists will bring to the table, and their success on Instagram only adds to the excitement. With their massive followings and undeniable talent, Taehyung and Jungkook are poised to dominate the K-Pop world, both on and off social media.

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