T-Series YouTube Channel Crosses 200 Million Subscribers

Famous Indian entertainment YouTube Channel has crossed 200 million subscribers on YouTub, making it the first ever channel to do so.

The humble beginning of T-Series dates back to 1983. The company was called Super Cassettes Industries Private Ltd and was involved in selling cheap music cassettes. Eventually, it changed it’s name to T-Series.

Largest Indian Music Label

Today, it has become the largest Indian Music Label and Movie Studio.

Apart from being the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, T-Series is also the most watched Indian channel on YouTube.

T-Series Vs PewDiePie

Back during the 2017-19 period, T-Series was pitted against the most subscribed YouTube channel of that time, PewDiePie. TSeries successfully overtook PewDiePie a few times to be the most subscribed YouTube Channel but it was a nail-biting competition.

However, in 2019, PewDiePie asked all of his fans to no longer make efforts to keep him as the most subscribed YouTuber. Today, T-Series has far outshone the Swedish YouTuber.

T-Series Other Channels

While the official T-Series channel has crossed 200 million subscribers, there are other subsidiary channels of the music label that are doing pretty great as well.

If all T-Series channels are combined, the total subscriber count is somewhere upwards of 325 million.

Channels like T-Series Apna Punjab, T-Series Telugu, T-Series Kannada, PopChartBusters, and more are all a part of the mix.

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