T-ara's Hyomin Dating Soccer Player Hwang Ui-jo

T-ara’s Hyomin Dating Soccer Player Hwang Ui-jo

Dispatch has announced that K-pop sensation Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui-jo are officially dating after tempting readers with a new pair revelation in the new year. Park Sun-young, better known as Hyomin, is a composer and actor. She is best known for being a member of T-ara, a prominent K-pop girl group. Meanwhile, her beau, Hwang Ui-jo, is a South Korean national team member and professional footballer. He also plays for the Ligue 1 team Bordeaux in France.

When the news of Hyomin and Hwang Ui-relationship jo’s broke, the internet erupted in joy. Newbie K-pop fans who are unfamiliar with Hyomin’s songs, on the other hand, have received a lot of backlash for voicing their surprise over ‘Who is Hyomin?’ Many of them looked dissatisfied with the Dispatch couple’s reveal, as they had hoped for someone more well-known and well-liked internationally.

Hyomin’s ardent supporters, on the other hand, wasted no time in condemning the criticisms. “I can’t believe that many of the comments dont know hyomin? You dont know T- ARA? I guess you missed the Golden Era of kpop? I’m sad for y’all,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, unique couple images of Hwang Ui-jo, 31, and Hyomin, 33, enjoying their time together in Korea and abroad were released by Dispatch. They’ve supposedly been dating since November 2021, though it’s unknown how they met. The pair spent the final days of 2021 in Switzerland, which included an Alpine tour of the Jungfrau and Basel. In fact, Hwang Ui-jo posted a snapshot of the tour to his Instagram account, however, Hyomin was not included.

The Couple Makes A Joint Statement

“We are in the stage of getting to know each other now. We have good feelings,” the couple said, adding, “I hope you will watch it quietly”. A source close to both of them added, “Hwang Ui-jo and Hyo-min are quite close. They, on the other hand, get along like lovers and pals.”

“Ah congratulations to Hyomin, I hope they’re both happy also waiting to see more of t-ara in the future,” a fan reacted to the news on Twitter. Another noted, “AAAA I STILL REMEMBER HOW I USED TO OBSESSED WITH HYOMIN CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

One fan, on the other hand, uncovered old accusations about Hwang Ui-jo cheating on his ex-girlfriend. They tweeted, “We do have some concern about his past “news” about cheating, but if he takes care of hyomin well and won’t do that again, that’s …. ok.”

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