Sykkuno Reveals Plans Of Never Doing A Twitch Subathon Again

Sykkuno is regarded amongst the most well-known and successful Twitch streamers on the planet. While former Twitch streamer Ludwig has recorded his name in the history books for one of the longest running Twitch suabthons, many feel that if Sykkuno does a Twitch Subathon, he can easily beat the record set by Ludwig.

But guess what? Sykkuno is no mood to do a Twitch subathon anytime in the future. He held a subathon in September 2021 which he dubbed as his ‘first and last Twitch subathon’. The subathon ended in just one day as every doantion added mere few seconds to the stream. Many fans called it a ‘scamathon’ jokingly.

But why does Sykkuno not plan on doing a Twitch subathon ever again? He explained it in one of his recent streams.

What Did Sykkuno Say?

“I would just feel bad,” said Sykkuno. “If I do a sponsored stream and I’m getting money from a big company, I don’t feel bad about that. But I don’t want to juice out the people who watch me. I’m just glad they watch me. That’s all I care about.”

“It’s easier than streaming for a month or something, and [my fans] won’t have to pay for it. I feel less bad taking the money from a big company than the people within my community who watch my stream.”

So as we understand, if a company sponsors Twitch subathon for Sykkuno. he would not be as hesitant to go for it than compared to his own fans who would splash out cash to keep the subathon going.

He has also recently criticized Twitch for its Turbo feature. He clarified that he is not completely against ads but he is against a flurry of forced ads.

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