Sykkuno Appreciates xQc And Calls Him The Number One Streamer On Twitch

It is always a delight to see one Twitch streamer appreciate another. Recently. streamer Sykkuno did something along the same lines when he appreciated his fellow streamer xQc and labelled him as ‘number one’.

xQc is certainly amongst the most loved streamers on the planet. But if we verify the fact based on the most number of followers, he might not be able to live up to the expectations.

What Did Sykkuno Say?

While many viewers might like xQc, there are other streamers as well who might be their favorite. Tyler Ninja is the most followed Twitch streamer in the world currently and that puts him at the ‘number one’ spot officially.

But according to Sykkuno, he believes xQc is the ‘ideal streamer’ and is number one in his opinion. This is what Sykkuno said:

“Hottest take I’ve ever given,” he said, “but I’m just gonna say it guys. I know according to the official thing X isn’t number one, but in my opinion, he’s the number one streamer.”

‘The Ideal Streamer’

“That’s just my opinion though. No discredit to the actual number one, but xQc is a legit streamer’s streamer. He’s what you think of when you think of a streamer. Just a dude playing games and sharing it with people who wanna watch. No fancy gizmos, no crazy stuff… He’s just a guy playing games and sharing it with people. I think that’s the ideal streamer.”

Sykkuno recently defended his friend streamer Valkyrae over the RFLCT skin care brand controversy. Valkyrae was the center of attention the past month when he blue-light protection skin care brand RFLCT was announced. The interntet claimed that Valkyrae was trying to scam the public and her products were based on pseudo science.

During this period, Sykkuno came forward to defend her fellow colleague and shared his own experience of using blue-light protection glasses.

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