Sydney Sweeney Was “Nervous” To Film These Two Scenes In Euphoria, Find Out Here

Sydney Sweeney popularly known for her role in “Euphoria” have revealed some of the scenes which made her anxious while filming. Let’s have a look at what the scenes were.

Recently in an interview with Deadline, Sydney Sweeney shared two of her most nervous scenes from the series. The two scenes were one of the hot tub ones when she just randomly throws up on everyone and the other one ruining her sister’s play.

The first scene she spoke about was a part of season 2, episode 4 named “You Who Cannot See, Think Of Those Who Can”. Sydney Sweeney plays the role of Cassie in the series and she is dating secretly her best friend’s (Maddy) boyfriend (Nate). It’s Maddy’s birthday party and all of her friends including Nate is chilling in the hot tub, that’s when Cassie shows up all drunk in order to show Nate that she is deserving of his love.

Maddy argues with Nate about his past love comments about her, that’s when Cassie feels heartbroken and throws up in the hot tub.

The Euphoria actress said that during this scene she had a tube in her mouth with all disgusting food chunks, she had to hold that in her mouth at the time of filming. She further adds, ” And then I had to hold it in my mouth while the scene was happening and act as if it wasn’t happening and then I throw up everywhere.”

The second scene was from the season finale when Leslie (Cassie’s sister) organize a play about everyone’s real life. Cassie gets angry with Leslie as Nate breaks up with her as Leslie portrays him in an insulting way in her play. That’s when Cassie goes onto the stage and ruins the play of her own sister.

Sweeney revealed that at the time of this scene there was a real audience in the auditorium and she has a stage fear, so she was very “nervous” about it. But despite that Maude Apatow (Leslie) and her had a great time together. Maude made it enjoyable for Sweeney.

Euphoria earned a total of 16 Emmy Nominations, this year.

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