Sweetest Moments Between Jisoo & Jung Hae-in That You Cannot Miss

Sweetest Moments Between Jisoo & Jung Hae-in That You Cannot Miss

Snowdrop has finally here, and it’s been a rollercoaster of a journey thus far. Expectations were already high for the show because it was Blackpink Jisoo’s debut K-drama in a leading role. However, after confronting difficulties and the possibility of cancellation, Snowdrop took on a life of its own.

In terms of the show itself, what some thought would be a simple love tale between Young ro and Soo ho has evolved into a taut thriller with an intriguing plot. Snowdrop tries to keep fans on the edge of their seats with only a few episodes left until the finale.

Another aspect of the show that viewers have loved is Jisoo’s partnership with her leading man Jung Haein. Given the context of Snowdrop, all eyes were on the couple even before the episode aired. And, based on fan reactions, it’s a fantastic pairing. Jisoo and Haein have delighted many with their ship name Hae-soo; with many commenting on how well the two complement each other; with Jisoo’s bright and outgoing attitude balancing Hae-in’s more serious and reserved character.

While we wait for new episodes of Snowdrop to air, here are some of Jisoo and Haein’s loveliest moments off and on camera. (Warning: There Will Be Spoilers)

Jisoo & Jung Hae-in’s Photoshoot For Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Fans were waiting with bated breaths for Jisoo and Hae-in to embark on the press tour to promote Snowdrop, which was set to premiere in December 2021. They certainly did not let us down. Their first interviews together gave off the impression that they’d have a lot of chemistry on the show. The photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea was one of the highlights for fans and us.

They were featured in the November 2021 publications, and the entire photo and interview were a huge hit with fans. But it’s the photos they shot in the photo booth that we’re swooning about. Pretty sure the entire fandom has got their hands on this copy of Harper’s Bazaar Korea.

When Hae-In Posted On Jisoo’s Birthday

Jisoo’s 27th birthday was celebrated on January 3rd, and she was met by many of her fans and friends. But, despite the fact that he didn’t say so, it appears that Haein also remembered her birthday. He shared a snapshot of a paper aeroplane on Instagram without a caption or tagging anyone.

However, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Young ro and Soo-ho have a special connection to the paper aeroplane he uploaded. It also tells you a lot that he shared it on Jisoo’s birthday. Furthermore, some of Hae-in’s admirers claim that this was the first time he had posted something about their leading lady on their birthday.

When They Posted Each Other On Their Instagram

Jisoo and Haein have a knack for bringing the kilig to the party. As if playing with our emotions on screen wasn’t enough, the two proceeded to toy with our emotions even more by uploading photos of each other on their Instagram sites. In real life, Jisoo and Haein are definitely excellent friends. However, we would not be upset if the two revealed that they are dating in real life.

Their Highly-Anticipated Kissing Scene

We’re about halfway through the season, and the much-anticipated kissing scene between Young ro and Soo ho has finally arrived. Jisoo’s first on-cam kiss was a memorable occasion and a much-discussed scene on social media. And when you understand the backdrop of their kissing sequence, it makes for an even more powerful moment. Who knows what else could happen with only a few episodes left. To be honest, we can’t decide whether we’re more envious of Jisoo or Hae-in.

The BTS Shoot Of The Poster

Fans were naturally excited for Snowdrop when JTBC released the first poster for the show. While the posters didn’t hint at the suspense that was to come, they did give a sense of Jisoo and Hae-in’s chemistry. If the poster alone made you cry, the behind-the-scenes film of how it was made is also worth watching. We could tell there was something special between the two of them just by seeing them together for the shoot.

Cute Moments On Set

Snowdrop’s behind-the-scenes experiences are certainly the polar opposite of the show’s sombre tone. JTBC normally releases a video on their YouTube channel shortly after each episode airs, outlining the behind-the-scenes process of how the show was created. They’re also a goldmine for seeing cute moments between Jisoo and Haein, aside from giving you the inside on how they did specific parts in each episode. You can see a lot of adorable exchanges between the two, such as how they filmed their kissing sequence.

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