Swamp Thing’s Brother Is Threatening One Of DC’s Greatest Forces

The Green is one of the most powerful forces in the DC Universe and it gives strength to Swamp Thing and other plant-based heroes and villains. However, now Swamp Thing’s brother is seeking to corrupt it.

In The Swamp Thing #8, Levi Kamen, the current Swamp Thing is starting to realize what he has become and realizes it is a family affair. The previous Swamp Thing, Alec Holland is no more but a new one has taken his place. Levi is plagued by vivid dreams because he is haunted by the death of his father.

His visions became stronger as it becomes clear that Levi is the new Swamp Thing. He is then pursued by Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad as he comes to terms with his new identity. Amanda also wishes to harness the Swamp Thing’s abilities to create a surveillance system.

The comic written by Ram V shows how the Squad sends in Peacemaker to bring him in. Levi settles with Peacemaker but his brother, Jacob appears with a story. Jacob calls himself Hedera and reveals that as a kid it was him who was supposed to receive the powers of the forest. As per Hedera, Green forsook him and saw their true flaw. He says they are beings of patience and empathy but these concepts are struggled to be understood by humans.

To sum it up, the Green was pushing their view onto their avatars like the Swamp Thing. However, Hedera tells Levi that his ideas of pain and violence are spreading through the Green and they will see things his way. His brother disappears after building doubts inside Levi’s mind and this happens before the climactic battle with Peacemaker.

But Greens are ancient beings who aren’t human. Concepts of fear and greed are unknown to them until now. However, even Hedera is correct when he says their views cannot be forced onto other beings. Unfortunately, this will only make things fall apart in the light of the good.

If Hedera successfully corrupts the Green, then Earth and its heroes will be in trouble. Swamp Thing has god-like powers and if they turn evil, it will be impossible to defeat them. Levi, the new avatar of the Green, must defend it from his brother, whose bitterness has consumed him, and now wishes to poison the Green in a similar fashion.


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