Survivor Season 42 Winner, Maryanne Is Here, Read The Finale Recap

American TV show, the Survivor season 42 began with its top five contestants- Mike Turner, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Lindsay Dolashewich and Jonathan Young. The finale of season 42 starts on a new beach with these players. Lindsay was blindsided at the last vote when Omar Zaheer was sent home. So, Lindsay spotted a little pissed and Jonathan didn’t help her with the ballot.

Followed by Romeo, who decides to lie to the other four players. So, he tried making a fake hidden immunity idol to survive the next vote. Meanwhile, another player Mike Turner, promises Lindsay and Maryanne that he will use this hidden immunity in favour of both if got safe tonight. Players receive a riddle in tree mail for the final clue.

However, Lindsay was first to solve the puzzle and secures the advantage, which will ultimately help her in the immunity challenge. Mike also wins a lavish food reward and he chooses Jonathan to join him in the game. Since, Mike has immunity,

Lindsay figures out the riddle first and secures the advantage, which will come into play at the immunity challenge. The advantage allows her to untie fewer knots than her competitors in the massive challenge obstacle course. The puzzle ends in a showdown between Mike and Lindsay, with Mike pulling out a victory. Mike also earns a massive food reward and chooses Jonathan to join him.

Mike plays his idol for Maryanne to repay her for her “loyalty,” not knowing that she had an idol of her own. Lindsay is eliminated unanimously at the tribal council.

Who Won ‘Survivor’ Season 42?

So, we finally got three finalists- Mike Turner, Romeo and Maryanne. The finalists will get to tell the truth about why they deserve to win. During the finale, Omar urges all the players to prove that they played the best strategic game and insists that all of the jury members’ votes are for him.

Likewise, Maryanne describes her journey, where she first acted dull. And later, tried to outshine. Later, Omar claims that Mike has been honest all the while. However, he has a battle of words with some of the jury members.

The final announcement is here. Meanwhile, the winner, jury, and the contestants were shocked too. As Jeff Probst was reading them on the spot. The first vote is for Mike, followed by one for Maryanne. Maryanne earns the rest of the votes, making her WINNER of Survivor season 42!

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