Superman & Lois’ creator reveals the show’s ties with Arrowverse and discusses Diggle’s role in Season 2

Superman & Lois is soon coming to an end with two more episodes left. The fans can’t wait to see what surprise the series holds in its final episode.

In last week’s reports, it was revealed that Jon Diggle is going to make his appearance and there might be a possible crossover in the series.

The series would conclude by answering the question of where Superman and Lois fit in the Arrowverse and would lay the groundwork for Season 3’s story by revealing the villain.

In an interview with TV Insider, series creator Todd Helbing stated that the Arrowverse ties, which were also a major concern for fans, would be addressed in the final episode of the series by the character -General Lane, played by Dylan Walsh, whose appearance will reveal “everything” on June 28th.

General Lane mentions [things] where you’re gonna be like, ‘Wait, what?’ And then he gives a speech that is very clear. You learn everything from him. General Lane has the most inspirational grandfather/father moment that he’s had so far in the series.” – said the show, maker.

Seems like General Lane would hold all the answers to fans’ questions!

Talking about the appearance of Diggle in the upcoming episode of the series he said “is to tee up our big bad for Season 3.”

The theories about Superman & Louis entering the Arrowverse have been going on since the release of the first season of the show. The series has never revealed anything about The Flash, Supergirl, or the other heroes of the Arowverse.

However, in April, Helbing had said that the fans can soon be expecting all of the heroes in the Arrowverse and their questions would be answered.

“All I’ll say is I think everybody has this question why we don’t bring up Supergirl or The Flash or any other heroes and aside from us not being able to do crossovers and wanting to put our own stamp on this property, I’ll just say at the end of this season you guys will get the answer to the questions you have” – Helbing said.

However, the moment has come when fans will be getting their answers and will not have to wait any longer. The second last episode “Worlds War Bizarre will be released this week, followed by the last and final episode of the Season 1 “Waiting for Superman” which will be airing on June 28th on CW.

The series airs every week on Tuesday on CW.

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