Suno Chanda Trending For All Right Reasons, Saima Akram Announced Writing Season 3

Ramzan 2022 is here, and fans are interestingly watching three new stories on their TV- Paristan, Chaudhary and sons and Hum Tum. Indeed, these are new special drama started siring on first Ramzan. But audience is missing Suno Chanda. Read further to know the reason.

Suno Chanda

2018 Hum TV hit drama featuring Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz aired during Ramzan. Indeed, it is romantic comedy directed by Ahson Talish. And written by famous rom-com writer Saima Akram Chaudhery. Likewise, the drama celebrates Pakistani wedding tradition by relating the story of a couple wo are in Nikaah and Rukhsati yet to happen. Read more here.

Talking about this year’s Ramzan drama- they have been started good, people are loving the stellar cast. But they are lacking the influence Suno Chanda made on the audience. Well, after the success of Suno Chanda , Hum Tv continued the trend of RomCom Series. Similarly, other channels too started Ramzan romcom, light-hearted shows.

However, Suno Chanda fans are making a demand of bringing their Arsal and Jiya back. Audience really wanted to see the fun-loving on-screen couple. Fans are going crazy and tagging the lead stars to bring back the show. Until yesterday, it was not in the to-do list. But Saima Akram has a great news for you all.

Season 3 In Writing

The romcom talented writer, Saima Akram been seen acknowledging fans demand many times in the past. She always concluded that nothing is in her hand, it is the shows producer and channel who need to pull the plan. She is a writer and will only write when they’ll ask so.

But this Ramzan the writer had address about Suno Chanda season3, that she’s overwhelmed by the response she’s getting on Suno Chanda. Writer also promised fans to write Suno Chanda 3.

She captioned the post, “I am so overwhelmed by the response of my fans. This is the love i have been carrying since Suno Chanda Season1. If my fans showered the same love for Hum TUM, and Ch & Sons , this is my promise that i am going to write Suno Chanda Season 3. – for the love of Suno Chanda ❤️ ” #SunoChandafans#HumTumFans#humtum#sunochanda#sunochanda2#sunochanda3

Ramzan Drama 2022


The Chupke-Chupke couple from last year Ramzan drama, Aymen Saleem and Arslan all set to star together. Director Danish Nawaz has come with fairy land where Aymen Saleem lives in her fictional world along with Arslan Naseer who deals with his struggles. The couple seems to be supportive of a story teller. The cast include: Javaria Saud, Asad Siddiqui, Navin Waqar, Mira Sethi with Mooro debuting as an actor, Merub Ali and Jamshed Niazi.

Chaudhary And Sons

Lollywood great actors coming together for the Ramzan drama- Chaudhary and sons. You will see Ayeza Khan and Imran Ashraf first time together, indeed they will make the best onscreen couple. We all know how Ayeza Khan and Imran Ashraf full of talent.

Hum Tum

Another star studded show is on the way starring Ahad Raza Mir, Sara Khan and Ramsha Khan. Indeed, Hum Tum starring the top actors of our country. Writer Saima Akram Chaudhry is back after Suno Chanda and Chupke Chupke and we’re super excited because the trailers of this yummy rom-com Hum Tum have blown us away. 

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.