Suga Reveals Jungkook Is The BTS Member Who Cries The Most

BTS is known for their emotional and heartfelt music, as well as their close bond with each other and their fans. The members often share their feelings and thoughts with their audience, sometimes shedding tears of joy or sadness. But who is the most sensitive member of the group? According to Suga, it’s none other than Jungkook, the youngest and most adorable member of BTS.

In a recent episode of Suchwita, Suga’s YouTube show where he invites guests to chat about various topics, he was joined by two members of TXT, Yeonjun and Taehyun. TXT is a junior group under the same label as BTS, Big Hit Music, and they have been receiving a lot of love and support from their seniors.

Yeonjun was filled with emotion as he congratulated his group on their recent success, a moment that felt like a full circle for him. As an MC who was accustomed to presenting trophies on Inkigayo, he was overjoyed to see the group win first place. After five long years of waiting for this achievement, Yeonjun was moved to tears.

Yeonjun revealed that he cried when he received the trophy, as it was a dream come true for him and his group. He said that he had been waiting for five years for this moment, and he couldn’t hold back his emotions. Taehyun then asked Suga who is the crybaby of BTS, and Suga didn’t hesitate to name Jungkook as the one who cries the most.

Suga explained that Jungkook is very sentimental and easily moved by things. He said that Jungkook often cries when he sees his fans or when he thinks about his journey with BTS. He also added that Jungkook is very responsive to his words, and that if he asks him “Are you crying?”, he will start crying even more.

Fans of BTS know how much Jungkook loves his hyungs (older brothers) and how much he respects and admires them. He has grown up with them since he was 15 years old, and they have been his family ever since. He has also expressed his gratitude and affection for his fans many times, calling them his angels and saying that they are his reason for living.

Jungkook‘s tears are a sign of his sincerity and passion, and fans love him for being so genuine and humble. They also appreciate Suga’s honesty and care for his dongsaeng (younger brother), and they hope that both of them will always be happy and healthy. BTS and TXT are two groups that have shown their strong friendship and solidarity, and fans are looking forward to more interactions between them in the future.


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