Suga of BTS Is Now The Only Male Artist To Reach 900 Million Streams On Spotify With Two Profiles

Suga, a singer who is a part of the well-known K-pop group BTS, has accomplished a new feat on Spotify. He is now the only male musician with two profiles with more than 900 million streams each, Suga and Agust D.

With the release of his self-titled mixtape, Agust D, in 2016, Suga launched his solo career. The mixtape was a commercial triumph, topping the iTunes charts in over 20 different nations.

Suga’s second mixtape under the moniker Agust D, D-2, which he released in 2020, was well-received by critics and enjoyed a large amount of economic success. Many musicians, including BTS bandmate RM and singer-songwriter MAX, collaborated on the mixtape.

The fact that Suga has amassed over 900 million streams over two distinct Spotify profiles is evidence of both his prodigious skill and his appeal with fans. It also reflects the fact that K-pop music is becoming more and more well-liked around the world, with BTS leading the charge.

For several years now, BTS has been setting records and making history, growing to be one of the most popular and significant musical acts of all time. The group’s message of optimism and self-love has inspired numerous followers, and their music has found a home with listeners all around the world.

Suga’s success is simply the most recent in a string of triumphs for BTS and its members. It is obvious that the band has solidified its position in music history and will continue to create ripples in the industry for years to come as they push boundaries and shatter records.

Suga has been a key member of BTS since the group’s debut in 2013, and he is known for his introspective and personal lyrics as well as his impressive rapping skills. He has previously released two solo mixtapes under the name Agust D and also recently released a collab single with PSY. He is expected to release his first solo album under the name SUGA later this year.


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