Streamer Disguised Toast Reveals That Mizkif Once Ate All Of His Sushi

Disguised Toast is one of the best and most-popular social media influencers on the planet. His presence spans across major social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and more.

Recently the streamer was in the headlines for sharing his insane weight loss and body transformation journey with the world. And now, he has shared another story about his first interaction with fellow streamer Mizkif.

What Did Disguised Toast Say?

The first time that Disguised Toast and Mizkif met was ‘awkward’, as the former says. Jeremy had ordered some Sushi and got busy on a call. The moment he entered back into his room, he saw Mizkif eating from the plate.

“Mizkif, who I had never really hung out with, was in my living room, eating my sushi,” he began. “I ordered a giant platter of sushi for dinner, but I was in a call. And then I come out and open up my door and I see Mizkif in my living room eating my sushi.

“I’m like ‘Bro…What the…Hey, how’s it going man?!’,” he joked. “I’m glad you think so highly of me that you felt comfortable eating my f**king sushi right in my face, in my living room.”

Mizkif Explains

However, Disguised Toast also says that he believed Mizkif was eating the sushi because “I think it’s because he knew I would be okay with sharing.” 

After watching the stream in which Disguised Toast shares his first meeting with Mizkif, the latter also responded and explained his side of the funny story to the fans.

“Chat, you don’t understand how much sushi they bought. They bought the ENTIRE Atlantic Ocean. It was a giant plate,” he laughed. “And I asked KKatamina if I’m allowed to eat it. And she said ‘yes you can’.”

In conclusion, it was Kkatamina who permitted Mizkif to eat the Sushi that was ordered. What do you think about the whole story? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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