‘Stranger Things’ Writers Respond To Internet Rumors About Jonathan’s Creepy Scenes Being Edited Out

Several tweets and TikToks last week enraged “Stranger Things” fans with suspicions that scenes had been re-edited.

Viewers felt that a scene in which Jonathan photographed Nancy with her top off had just been deleted from season one. Even this reporter, who has seen the first season of “Stranger Things” more than five times, was taken in by the peculiar Mandela Effect.

“It’s hilarious that an article bashing the show for retroactively editing a scene (based off a false TikTok rumor) has now had to retroactively edit their own article. Oops,” reads a post on the Stranger Things Writers’ Twitter account.

The article in question is this one from British GQ titled, “Netflix retroactively editing Stranger Things is the beginning of a dangerous TV trend.” Except, say the show’s writers, old episodes were never reedited.

The official “Stranger Things” writers’ room account on Twitter made sure their fans knew Jonathan’s spying scene wasn’t changed. “PSA: no scenes from previous seasons have ever been cut or re-edited,” the account posted on Tuesday evening. “And they never will be.”

According to the GQ piece, the show’s makers went back and reedited a sequence in Season 1 in which Jonathan photographs Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) without her consent. Fans believed that a sequence in which he continued to take photographs while Nancy undressed had been deleted retrospectively, omitting the aforementioned ultra-unsavory behaviour. However, there was never such a scene in the scenario, hence it was never recut.

When The Duffer Brothers Forgot Will’s B’day

It all started when the Duffer Brothers forgot that Will Byers‘ birthday was March 22 in a season two scene. When the fourth season began, fans observed that Mike travelled to California to visit Eleven and Will on March 22 — but no one in the show mentioned this special day.

Fans were concerned that Will was upset since he had forgotten his birthday, but the Duffer Brothers explained that they had just overlooked this detail.

“We were talking about it yesterday, and I think we’re going to George Lucas that,” Matt Duffer told Variety in June. “We have George Lucas’d things also that people don’t know about.”

The term “George Lucas’d” refers to the act of going back and changing the cut of a film (or, in this case, a television show) that is available online and in new physical copies. Lucas notoriously modified certain continuity in “Star Wars,” such as having Han Solo shoot Greedo first and then Han Solo shoot Greedo. Other improvements were simple CGI effects or scene colouring.

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