Stranger Things Star Noah Confessed His Feelings For Zendaya, Wanted To Replace Tom

Noah Schnapp aka Will Byers from Netflix’s hit web series ‘Stranger Things’ has something to confess. He once wanted to replace Tom Holland as Spiderman in the series so that he could be with his crush Zendaya.

Also, you must know that the fourth instalment of the hit series Stranger Things premiered recently, and it is said to be one of the darkest seasons. The first episode was released on Friday, May 27, and received a positive response from fans and critics. Actors from the series- Noah, Sadie and Bobby are the ones receiving the most attention.

So, talking about Noah’s interest in Zendaya, he once told about his crush and replacing Tom Holland as Spiderman. The stranger Thing actor has a crush on the Euphoria star, back then. Noah said just after realising it was Tom playing the character, “No, but I love Tom Holland. Just once he gets older”.

“And Zendaya’s in it, and I love Zendaya. It’s like the perfect [opportunity],” Schnapp said. “Tom Holland can be like the other Spider-Man.” Once before, the actor expressed his emotions toward the Dune actress at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Noah In Stranger Things

However, Stranger Things 4 is receiving a positive response and fans are excited about it. The first episode runtime is said to be 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The budget for the season is said to be massive this time, as $30 million is spent on each episode. This show has beat Game Of Thrones $15 million production budget. Indeed, those who have watched the Stranger Things 4- first episode are calling it deep and dark. Also, critics have praised Max’s performance as well.

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